Why Neuro Physiotherapy?

A Neurological Physiotherapist is a Physiotherapist that specialises in treating people with Neurological conditions. It is a specialist area of physiotherapy and is commonly referred to as ‘neurophysio’.


Neurological problems arise through damage to the Central Nervous System, namely the brain and spinal cord. Damage to these areas could be through disease, illness or trauma and can result in impairments in movement and function e.g. muscle spasm / spasticity, weakness, sensory problems and pain. Clients often manifest a collection of symptoms and difficulties which require the specialist skills of a neurological physiotherapist.


A Neurological physiotherapist can help in several ways as they are highly skilled in analysing movement patterns. The principles of neuro physiotherapy are to try and regain normal movement patterns wherever possible. In many cases we will use equipment, aids, orthotics (splints) and specific exercises to help.


The goal is always to help people to maximise function and independence which in turn helps improve quality of life. Treatment can be hard work and tiring but great results can be achieved.


At Plymouth Neurophysio we have many years of experience working with adults and children with neurological problems. We use a wide variety of treatment techniques and principles including the Bobath concept and Movement Science approach as well as training and experience in hydrotherapy techniques, FES, exercise ball and saebo splinting. We believe that everybody is different and we are always open to trying new techniques and treatments in order to achieve the best possible outcomes.