Feedback from our patients is welcomed and in our recent patient satisfaction survey (Jan 2019) we were very pleased to have received 100% positive results to say that clients would recommend our service to others.

Richard Mo


I first started receiving physio sessions with Becky after having an assessment in July 2013. I did not know what to expect but she soon made me feel at ease by not making me do anything I didn't want to.


Becky devised a gym programme which I could follow to improve my upper body strength and fitness which would help me push around in my wheelchair and with transfers. On top of this, my greatest achievement was getting into water and swimming at a hydrotherapy pool which is also great for circulation and reducing spasms. Becky introduced me into the pool at my own pace along with support from my support worker, keeping me at water surface with various floats and making sure that I was fine to continue on as I was not confident in water at all.


I found that I took to the water very quickly with Becky's trust whilst doing exercises such as deep breathing, stretching and eventually swimming lengths of the pool on my own continuously.


Richard Mo, T2/T3 paraplegic

Michael Nickle


I am very pleased with the one to one support I am receiving from Becky. When I initially came to see becky I was in a bad way unable to walk without sticks, back & spine pain following Pneumonia. Over the last 4 months becky has been working really hard with me in the pool focusing on my walking, breathing techniques as I suffer from asthma and generally trying to strengthen my muscles and movement on my back and spine area. 4 months on I don't use my walking stick as much and walking has improved.


Both myself and my wife Joanne have found Becky to be professional and very knowledgeable in her line of work. She made me feel so relaxed on the first visit and every other visit has been very productive. Becky always makes you feel relaxed and comfortable in the pool. The one to one support has been far better than the other treatment I have had in the past. I would definitely recommend Becky to anyone.


Michael Nickle, Stroke Survivor

Eve Wheaton


My mother, Peggy, had a stroke. She was discharged from hospital unable to walk or transfer and we were told she would never achieve either.


A special bed was installed in her living room, a hoist, full time care and the prospect of some very difficult times ahead. We knew Peggy needed physiotherapy to keep what mobility she had and luckily found Becky Isserlis. Becky recognised that Peggy had flickers of muscle movement in her legs and from that moment we had hope. Becky’s work was inspirational, skillful and filled me with courage. The physio sessions were some of the most joyous moments of Peggy’s recovery.


Within weeks we were able to have the hoist removed from the house and within months my mother was walking with a frame. She was able to move back into her own bed, have a wonderful holiday and, on her 60th wedding anniversary, she and my father were able to dance.


Without Becky’s unique and very human approach none of this would have happened. Thank you Becky.


Eve Wheaton, Daughter of a Stroke Survivor

Young child with brain injury


Katya has brought a new sense of energy into my daughters physiotherapy program. She now looks forward to dancing, playing games, going to the park, riding or hydrotherapy instead of the old routine of exercises.


She reviews and refreshes the programs regularly to keep them interesting and effective. Katya is full of fun and manages to engage and motivate my daughter in such a positive way, while observing and responding to subtle changes as needed.

Katya is always approachable and conveys her extensive knowledge to us in a way that is clear and jargon free.


She communicates so well within our multidisciplinary team including both statutory and independent therapists. She attends meetings and writes reports as needed for other medical and therapy experts, solicitors and school and always in the language that is most appropriate for each. Her expertise and advice in the areas of seating, equipment and orthotics has been invaluable. We continue to be very grateful that she is part of my daughter's therapy team.