Spinal Cord Injury

Plymouth Neurophysio staff are experienced in treating individuals with all levels of spinal cord injury, including the high level of need involved with Cervical spine injuries.
We can assess and treat clients in their own home or in residential homes or a place of work.

We are well placed to advise on all equipment, wheelchair and seating needs and have close contacts with wheelchair services and orthotics services. Support teams and carers can be trained by us in exercise or stretching programmes and positioning techniques.


We also assess, treat and help to manage clients with respiratory problems or those who are reliant on respiratory equipment or ventilators for breathing. Significant help is also provided to clients in managing their pain levels and spasms / spasticity.


Plymouth Neurophysio have close links with spinal centres especially Duke of Cornwall Spinal Treatment Centre in Salisbury and can assist with the transition home from these centres. We are also experienced with the setting up and monitoring of FES equipment including the RT300 cycle and the L300 foot drop system. We work closely with local Occupational Therapists to ensure that clients achieve maximum independence and we adopt a holistic approach at all times.