‘Getting Personal’ - Giving patients Choice and Control over their health with Personal Health Budge

From April 2014, those individuals who are eligible for receiving NHS Continuing Healthcare will have the right to ask for a personal health budget.

‘A personal health budget is an amount of money to support a person's identified health and wellbeing needs, planned and agreed between the person and their local NHS team. Our vision for personal health budgets is to enable people with long term conditions and disabilities to have greater choice, flexibility and control over the health care and support they receive’ (NHS England).

The government is planning to offer a personal health budget to more people with long-term conditions who may benefit from the additional flexibility and control to plan their healthcare.

A support plan is drawn up with a patient to identify health needs including physiotherapy (and other therapies).

In areas of the country where this has been trialled, many patients and families saw great results in being able to coordinate their own therapy. Benefits included being able to be seen by an independent physiotherapist who is able to get to know the patient and their needs and offer regular treatment.

See more about how regular physiotherapy paid for by a personal health budget helped Dan in this video (available on the NHS England website): http://www.personalhealthbudgets.england.nhs.uk/Topics/latest/Resource/?cid=8570

The Plymouth Neurophysio team are able to provide regular physiotherapy for those who are in receipt of a personal health budget or can provide guidance for those who think that they may be eligible. Ask your GP or our team for more information.


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