Neurological Physiotherapy Services

What do we do?........


Our highly specialised team here at Plymouth Neurophysio are dedicated to helping individuals reach their full potential through using a wide range of treatments and methods.

Our Services

    Home visits


    Clinic sessions


    Supported Gym visits


    Clinical Report writing




    Functional Electrical Stimulation (FES)


    Saebo splinting


    Pain management

  • Balance re-education

  • Gait re-education

  • Falls prevention

  • Wheelchair and equipment trials

  • Postural management

  • Home exercise programmes

  • Bobath technique

  • Respiratory treatment and care

  • Support Worker Training

  • Pain Management

  • Constraint Induced Movement therapy

  • Vestibular Rehabilitation

  • Mobility Equipment advice

  • Rehabilitation after illness/injury

At Plymouth Neurophysio we have over 10 years of experience in writing clinical reports within the litigation process for case managers and solicitors and fully understand the medico legal system.

Our clinical reports can also be written for patients themselves and for doctors and other health professionals.


We pride ourselves in offering a highly efficient service and tailor the report to meet the specific requests from the referrer.

Writing Clinical Reports

Hydrotherapy (also known as ‘aquatic physiotherapy’) has been utilised for thousands of years as a treatment for pain, inflammation and weakness.


We provide a written programme of exercises which is clear and concise and review and adjust the exercise programmes regularly to ensure that we respond to changes providing the optimum benefit

Personal Exercise Programmes

We believe in providing a patient-centred, holistic approach and in giving patients choice and control over when, where and how they take part in their rehabilitation.

It is vital that a patient has a health professional who really understands their condition and they are able to build trust in that professional. We respond quickly and efficiently when a patient requires our assistance to ensure that we are able to provide the treatment and advice that is required in a timely manner.


We provide information and advice and set realistic goals with view to helping individuals and their families to make informed choices. We constantly review treatment goals and outcomes to ensure that our interventions are as effective as possible.


Our practice is always backed by current research and we are committed to continual professional development. We operate in a highly professional manner and maintain patient confidentiality and dignity at all times.


Feedback from our patients is welcomed and in our recent patient satisfaction survey (Dec 2013) we received 100% positive results.


The Plymouth Neurophysio team are passionate about helping individuals reach an optimal level of physical function and independence

and recognise the benefits that this has on quality of life.