Personal Exercise Programmes

Neurophysical Group Exercise

NeuroPhysical is our new and exciting exercise therapy programme for stroke survivors and individuals with brain injury, spinal cord injury, multiple sclerosis and other neurological conditions.
We ensure that the exercises are safe and effective and are designed around the individual’s particular physical problems and impairments.

The focus is on achieving maximum fitness and strength following injury or illness and advancing fitness beyond traditional rehabilitation.


The exercise classes are delivered by an expert neurological physiotherapist and an experienced fitness instructor and are undertaken in a small group setting which ensures that the programme is safe and effective.  We run the classes as part of a 6 week programme.


Each individual will be invited to have a full fitness assessment at the beginning of the programme to ensure that the exercises can be tailored specifically to individual requirements working towards individual goals. Progress will be evaluated throughout the programme.


The cost to enrol on the programme is £90.00 and includes a fitness assessment and  6 classes..

NeuroPhysical is run by the Plymouth Neurophysio team who are also able to provide individual neuro physio sessions, 1:1 gym sessions, hydrotherapy sessions and massage therapy to help improve mobility and function for any individual with a neurological condition.