Plymouth Neurophysio staff are experienced in helping children and adults with Cerebral Palsy to overcome the difficulties associated with this condition.

Cerebral Palsy

From a young age we are able to help children maximise their mobility and function through exercise, postural management, standing programmes and importantly through play and recreational activities.


We work closely with children and their families to help improve the quality of child’s life, taking on board the family circumstances and routine at all times.

It is important to look at a child’s daily routine and we will make suggestions and recommendations for home and school. We are experienced in assessment and provision of wheelchairs and equipment and have close links with the local services.


For young adults and adults with Cerebral Palsy we will focus on maximising independence and function. Our tailored treatments meet the individual’s needs and we have significant experience in helping to manage long-term conditions with the focus being on maintaining abilities, fitness and mobility over the years. We are highly skilled in spasticity management and liaise closely with consultants and doctors regarding spasticity medication and bot-tox intervention where this is required.


Plymouth Neurophysio will always work closely with all other health professionals involved and believe that effective team-working is essential to achieve the best outcomes. We are happy to attend meetings and to write reports and recommendations ensuring effective communication.